Thursday, 11 June 2009

Recent Bernadotte articles

The latest issue of the Swedish magazine Queen has a short interview with Countess Marianne Bernadotte af Wisborg, the aunt of the King of Sweden and the Queen of Denmark, who will turn 85 in July. The anniversary will be celebrated with a gala in Stockholm’s City Hall next Thursday, which Crown Princess Victoria is scheduled to attend.
In the interview Marianne Bernadotte talks mostly about her charity work, but also makes some interesting reflections on the design careers of Prince Carl Philip and Oscar Magnuson, Princess Christina’s son. The Countess’s late husband, Sigvard Bernadotte, by birth Prince of Sweden, made a name for himself internationally as an industrial designer, and she sees a relationship between his design and that of his great-nephews, which she thinks is characterised by the same “strict and restrained elegance”. What would Sigvard Bernadotte have said about the cutlery designed by Prince Carl Philip, the journalist asks. Marianne Bernadotte laughs and replies: “He would have said: Where is the fork for the dessert?”
The same magazine also has a long article on the wedding of King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia in 1976 and an article on the history of Haga Palace, both by the magazine’s founder and former editor Roger Lundgren.
With Haga Palace due to become the home of Crown Princess Victoria and her future husband Daniel Westling, Karin Thunberg in Svenska Dagbladet also takes a look at the fortunes of the four sisters of King Carl Gustaf, who were the last royal children to grow up there and came to be known as “the Haga Princesses”.

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