Tuesday, 2 June 2009

Daniel Westling’s kidney transplant “was urgent”

Expressen yesterday claimed that Daniel Westling’s kidney transplant was more urgent than what has been reported earlier. The Swedish Royal Court said the operation had been planned, but according to Expressen’s sources it had been planned for later in the summer. The newspaper writes that when Westling and his fiancée Crown Princess Victoria returned from their trip to Brazil in April his condition had deteriorated, thus bringing forward the surgery.
Daniel Westling and his father Olle Westling, who donated the kidney, both remain in hospital and are doing well, according to the Palace’s spokeswoman Nina Eldh. Meanwhile there has been a surge in the numbers of Swedes registering as organ donators. There were 1,500 registrations in a couple of days after Westling’s transplant, while there are normally between 80 and 100 a day.
Crown Princess Victoria visited her fiancé in hospital at 8.30 this morning, having returned from her trip to Greenland last night.



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