Sunday, 7 June 2009

Exit poll suggests Act of Succession approved

The final exit poll conducted for Politiken and TV 2 as voting stations closed in Denmark at 8 p.m. suggests that the Act of Succession was passed. According to this poll as much as 55.6 % of the electorate took part in the referendum and that 75.8 % of them voted yes, 12.5 % no and that 11.7 % of the votes were blank or invalid. If this is a correct indication of the final results, 42.1 % of the electorate will have approved of changing the Act of Succession, which is 2.1 % above the magical 40 % necessary. (in English)

The exit poll also shows that among those who voted no or cast a blank vote 24.4 % did so because they want to abolish the monarchy, 29 % because they want a more thorough reform of the Constitution, 32.8 % because a change will only have effect in two generations and 25.2 % because they do not find it natural to discuss equality for an institution like the monarchy (those interview could give more than one reason).

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