Friday, 5 June 2009

Oscarshall Palace reawakens – and it is white again!

Recently the scaffolding which has covered Oscarshall Palace in Oslo for several years as the palace has been renovated has started to come down – and reveal that the palace’s façade is now again white, as it was until King Haakon VII after the Second World War approved the suggestion that it should be painted pink.
Oscarshall Palace has been closed to visitors since September 2005 while restoration work has been going on. Modern facilities have also been installed to make the 160-year-old palace better suited to receive visitors. It will open to the public again on 26 August.
The photos show Oscarshall earlier today.


  1. I can hardly wait to visit what has often been described as a 'folly'. I imagine it would be wonderful to sail into. Just like Drottningholm in Stockholm.

  2. Actually I think it will indeed be possible to arrive at Oscarshall by boat when it reopens in August, unlike before it closed in 2005, when one could only arrive from the land side.


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