Saturday, 6 June 2009

More on the referendum about the Danish succession

A new poll presented in Politiken today shows that the support for changing the Danish Act of Succession has risen by 2.1 % in two days. The percentage of those intending to vote no or cast a blank vote has fallen from 26.4 to 20.7. But according to the poll only 38.9 % of the total electorate will vote yes, which is 1.1 % short of the magical 40 % limit.

In Politiken Kjeld Hybel writes about how the referendum on the succession has turned into a referendum on the monarchy itself:

In Berlingske Tidende today the priest Kathrine Lilleør argues that the referendum is really a referendum about Queen Margrethe, and that a “no” will mean that one thinks “it would have been better if the Queen had a younger brother so that we had avoided her”:

In Berlingske Tidende on Thursday the constitutional expert Peter Kurrild-Klitgaard argued that the Act of Succession should be changed now, so that it can not in the future be used to push through more important constitutional amendments, as happened in 1953:

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