Wednesday, 24 June 2009

Michael Bernadotte – another Bernadotte artist

Since the days of King Oscar I and Queen Josephina the Bernadotte dynasty has been known for its many gifted members – among them are painters, composers, designers, sculptors, photographers, poets and authors of some renown. While some, like King Carl XV, were gifted amateurs, others, like Prince Eugen, the painter, and Sigvard Bernadotte, the industrial designer, count as proper artists in their own right.
The creative inheritance has also been extended to Count Michael Bernadotte af Wisborg, Sigvard Bernadotte’s son. An architect by profession, he has also done some design and this summer his watercolours are exhibited at Bosjökloster Castle at Höör in Scania. Some of his works can be viewed at the castle’s website:

Among Michael Bernadotte’s guests at the vernissage were his wife Christine, his uncle and aunt, Count Carl Johan and Countess Gunnila Bernadotte af Wisborg, his first cousins Countess Monica Bonde af Björnö and Arne Robbert with his wife Nina, and Countess Karin of Rosenborg, who was earlier a lady-in-waiting to Princess Benedikte of Denmark (another first cousin of Michael Bernadotte).

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