Monday, 11 May 2009

Book news: The 100 most important Swedes

Five days ago Bokförlaget Forum published Historiens 100 viktigaste svenskar by Niklas Ekdal and Petter Karlsson. As the title indicates the book ranks the 100 most important Swedes in history. The top ten of the list is as follows:

1. Gustaf I, King of Sweden (1496-1560)
2. Astrid Lindgren, author (1907-2002)
3. Axel Oxenstierna, Chancellor of the Realm (1583-1654)
4. Alfred Nobel, inventor (1833-1896)
5. Olof Palme, Prime Minister (1927-1986)
6. Marcus Wallenberg, businessman (1899-1982)
7. Evert Taube, poet and singer (1890-1976)
8. Lars Magnus Eriksson, entrepreneur (1846-1926)
9. Carl XIV Johan, King of Sweden and Norway (1763-1844)
10. Carl Larsson, artist (1853-1919)

Some information from the publisher’s website:

The complete list can be found at Dagens Nyheter’s website:

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