Saturday, 16 May 2009

Danish royal heirlooms to be auctioned on Monday

On Monday 18 May the auction house Olivier Coutau-Bégarie in Paris will hold a sale of some 200 items from the collection of Prince Axel and Princess Margaretha of Denmark. Among them are paintings and photos, silver, a fake tiara and other jewellery, orders and medals, china, glasses and much more.
The identity of the seller(s) is not known, but as many of the items up for sale have belonged to Prince Axel’s and Princess Margaretha’s eldest son, Prince Georg, it seems likely that the seller(s) can be found among his heirs. Prince Georg died childless in 1986, but his wife had two children from her first marriage.
More on the auction at this link:

The catalogue for the auction can be found here:

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