Friday, 24 February 2012

Service of thanksgiving for Swedish heiress

After the State Council in which the names and titles of the new-born Swedish princess were announced, a service of thanksgivings was held in the Palace Church at noon today.
Among the guests were the King and Queen, Prince Daniel, Prince Carl Philip, Princess Christina’s husband Tord Magnuson, Countess Marianne Bernadotte af Wisborg (the widow of the late former Prince Sigvard), the almost 96-year-old Dagmar von Arbin (a granddaughter of Prince Oscar Bernadotte), Prince Daniel’s parents, Olle and Ewa Westling, his sister Anna Westling Söderström and her new husband Mikael Söderström, Count Bertil Bernadotte af Wisborg (I think), who is a grandson of Prince Oscar Bernadotte and whose mother was named Estelle, numerous official representatives and courtiers.
Afterwards a family photo, shot in the Princess Sibylla Apartment, was released by the royal court through their website

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  1. Anna Westling Söderström's husband is Mikael Westling Söderström. It seems that Anna Westling Blom dropped her first husband's surname some months before her second wedding; upon or shortly after the wedding, her new husband took her surname as his middle name. Then, some months after, Anna Westling adopted her husband's surname while retaining her own surname as a middle name.


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