Tuesday, 21 February 2012

On this date: The King’s 75th birthday

Today is the 75th birthday of the King, who was born at the crown princely residence Skaugum in Asker at 12.45 p.m. on Sunday 21 February 1937.
As always on the King’s birthday there will be flags flown and a gun salute at noon, but unlike his 70th birthday there will be no grand celebrations; the King will rather celebrate the birthday privately abroad.
The Palace has, rather oddly, insisted to journalists that there is no tradition for celebrating 75th birthdays in grand style, but this is clearly wrong as there were major celebrations for the 75th birthdays of Olav V in 1978, Haakon VII in 1947 and Oscar II in 1904. It seems the real reason is quite simply that King prefers to celebrate his birthday more privately.
The royal anniversaries are also marked by the six exhibitions based on the Royal Collection which is the government’s birthday present, the first of which was presented to the King and Queen last Wednesday.

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