Friday, 17 February 2012

Dutch prince in critical condition following avalanche

Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau, the second son of the Queen of the Netherlands, is reported to be in a life-threatening condition in a hospital in Innsbruck, Austria, after having been buried by an avalanche while skiing off piste at the ski resort Lech earlier today. The Prince is reported to have been buried in the snow for fifteen or twenty minutes following the avalanche. Apparently no-one else was taken by the avalanche.
Prince Friso of Orange-Nassau, formerly Prince Johan Friso of the Netherlands, is 43 years old and the King’s godson. He works as a businessman and is the father of two daughters. He lost his title as Prince of the Netherlands and his succession rights when he married Mabel Wisse Smit in 2004 after it emerged that she had given incorrect information to the government about her previous relationship with a gangster.
Queen Beatrix, who was also staying in Lech, is reported to be at her son’s side in hospital tonight, together with his wife, while his elder brother, Prince Willem-Alexander, is apparently flying in from the Netherlands.

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