Thursday, 16 February 2012

King and Queen receive exhibition present

Yesterday the King and Queen were formally presented with the exhibitions based on the Royal Collection which are the government’s gift for the royal couple’s 75th birthdays. The presentation took place at the Museum of Decorative Arts and Design in Oslo in the presence of the King and Queen, the Crown Prince and Crown Princess, Princess Märtha Louise, Princess Astrid, several members of the cabinet and Parliament’s presidium, the parliamentary leaders of most of the political parties, the top courtiers, other notabilities and those of us who have been involved with the project.
Prime Minister Jens Stoltenberg paid tribute to the King and Queen in a speech which brought tear to the eyes of the Queen, the Crown Princess and Princess Märtha Louise, and the King and Queen thereafter made a joint acceptance speech before they were shown around in the first exhibition.
Later in the day, this first exhibition, titled “A Royal Journey” and showing treasures from the Royal Collection, was formally opened by the Culture Minister, Anniken Huitfeldt. From today the exhibition is open to the public (until 26 August). I will return with a more detailed presentation of the exhibition later.

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