Wednesday, 16 June 2010

Ten bridal children will attend Crown Princess Victoria

The Swedish royal court has announced (external link) that there will be no less than ten bridal children accompanying Crown Princess Victoria at her wedding on Saturday. The Crown Princess is a godmother to three heirs to European thrones, who will all take part as expected: Prince Christian of Denmark, Princess Ingrid Alexandra of Norway and Princess Catharina-Amalia of the Netherlands (according to the court the latter is the daughter of the Belgian crown prince!)
They will be joined by Baroness Madeleine von Dincklage, the eldest granddaughter of Princess Margaretha, and Baron Ian De Geer, grandson of Princess Désirée. The family of Queen Silvia will be represented by Vivi Sommerlath, daughter of her late brother Jörg, her great-niece Giulia Sommerlath and her great-nephew Léopold Sommerlath. Hedvig and Vera Blom, daughters of Daniel Westling’s sister Anna, will also join them.


  1. The have already corrected it:

  2. One wonders if they noticed it themselves... :-)

  3. As you will see from my blogpost the Swedish court wrote that Catharina-Amalia was the daughter of the Crown Prince of Belgium. This is what was later corrected.

  4. Thanks! Obviously I didn't read your article well enough. Funny what kind of mistakes you can make when you are busy...


  5. It reminded me a bit of an elderly lady in the crowd when Queen Beatrix arrived earlier this month who had taken it upon herself to explain everything which happened to a German tourist: "And now they are playing the Belgian national anthem", to which her husband quietly remarked: "The Dutch, I hope". :-)


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