Monday, 14 June 2010

Daniel Westling’s monogram and coat of arms published

The Swedish Royal Court has today released the monogram and the coat of arms of the future Prince Daniel. The monogram (external link) is a rather simple D surmounted by a princely crown, while the coat of arms (external link) is quite similar to Crown Princess Victoria’s.
The differences are that his is of course the male version, that it is surmounted by a princely crown rather than the crown princely and that the centre shield shows not the Bernadotte arms but Daniel Westling’s personal arms, created for this occasion and inspired by the coat of arms of his hometown Ockelbo.
That the King of Sweden has granted his future son-in-law a coat of arms may also be an indication that the King intends to award him the Order of Seraphim. However, the Constitution makes it impossible to give orders to Swedish citizens other than members of the royal house, meaning that such an award strictly speaking must happen after the Crown Princess and Mr Westling have been legally married.

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