Monday, 21 June 2010

Prince Daniel finally included at the royal website

Finally, two days after the wedding, the Swedish royal court has at least created a page about Prince Daniel under the royal family section - so far only in the Swedish version (external link).
The press department at the royal court told Aftonbladet earlier today (external link) that it was only this morning that the company putting together the photo and the monogram had been sent the material (surely this could have been done before the weekend) and that a new group photo of the royal family will appear at the royal website in August.
But the new page seems to have been made in a hurry. His first names are in the wrong order (Daniel Olof rather than Olof Daniel) and we are still told that the royal family consists of King Carl XVI Gustaf, Queen Silvia, Crown Princess Victoria, Prince Carl Philip and Princess Madeleine. When Countess Sonja Bernadotte died in 2008 it was several weeks before she was removed from the list of members of the King’s family, so this should perhaps not be surprising.
Altogether the official website has not been entirely satisfactory in connection with this wedding and wrong information has been given out on several occasions. The King of Spain and the Crown Princess of Japan were included in the official guest list although they had sent their regrets, Princess Margaretha is said to have worn Queen Victoria’s sunray tiara although she wore her own acquamarine tiara, the names and titles of Princess Birgitta and Princess Christina were given wrongly (as was the year Princess Christina married) and all newspapers have written that the bridal veil was first worn by Queen Sophia at her wedding in 1858 as this was what the press release said, although the wedding took place in 1857.
A press release also mentioned the wrong tiara for Princess Madeleine (this has since been corrected) and according to the court the necklace worn by Queen Silvia was ordered by Emperor Pavel I of Russia for his daughter Maria Pavlovna when she married in 1804 although by then three years had passed since the Emperor was murdered.
All in all the press department seems quite sloppy and it is regrettable that the information given out to the media on such a great occasion cannot be trusted. If it was they or someone else who forgot to include the Hereditary Prince and Princess of Liechtenstein in the official group photo remains an open question.


  1. The Swedish Royal Court might not be responsible for the missing Liechtensteins. It could be that the court had instructed everyone to meet up for the group picture, but the Liechtensteins failed to turn up. Just a thought.


  2. Yes, as I said it remains an open question whether it was the information department who did not realise that they ought to be included or if there was another reason for their absence from the group shot. It is also a bit odd that Princess Benedikte of Denmark and Prince Richard of Berleburg are included as the junior members of other royal houses are not in the photo, nor are heads of other non-reigning houses except for the Greeks - the explanation might be the close relationship to the Swedish royal family.

    Anyhow, the mistakes in the website's royal family section have now been corrected, while those in the press material for the wedding remain wrong - and that would nevertheless be too late to change.


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