Monday, 12 April 2010

Strong support for Danish monarchy, but many want reforms

Today Jyllands-Posten publishes another opinion poll relating to the Danish monarchy, conducted by Rambøll Management/Analyse Denmark by asking 1,009 people between 1 and 4 March about their views on the constitutional role of the monarchy.
82.3 % of those asked want to continue to have a monarchy and the current royal family, which is up from 77.8 % in an opinion poll last June. 15.8 % want a republic, which is up 0.5 % from last year. This means that only 1.9 % have no opinion about it. (These results make it even more startling to me that a majority of those who have made up their minds think that Queen Margrethe should abdicate either now or within the next ten years).
This poll also shows that a majority of those who hold an opinion support reforming the constitutional role of the monarch. 46.8 % want to continue with the present system whereby an Act of Parliament only becomes law when it has received the monarch’s assent, but 49.7 % think bills should only need Parliament’s approval and not the Queen’s (3.5 % are undecided).
42.6 % think the Queen should appoint the Prime Minister (as she currently does), while a clear majority of 53.9 % think this should be done by the Speaker of Parliament (as is the case in Sweden). On this question 3.5 % have no opinion.
It seems the results of this poll indicate that there is a very strong support for maintaining the monarchy, but that a large proportion of the people desire the monarchy to be reformed in a way that distances it further from politics.

The poll in Jyllands-Posten:

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