Sunday, 11 April 2010

No republican demonstration on Queen Margrethe’s birthday

Although the support for the Danish monarchy remains strong (77.8 % in favour of the monarchy and 15.3 % supporting a republic, according to an opinion poll last June), last year saw the establishment of a republican organisation, called Den Republikanske Grundlovsbevægelse (The Republican Constitutional Movement).
Its leader Viggo Smitt told Politiken on Saturday that they aim at abolishing the monarchy with a smile on their face. However, the police has refused their request to stage a protest in Amalienborg Square when Queen Margrethe appears on the palace balcony on her 70th birthday on Friday.
The republicans expected some 10 or 30 protesters to show up and intended to carry a banner reading: “Congratulations Margrethe, but we would prefer to vote for you”. However, police refused to give permission for this to take place and the reasons given are quite funny.
Johan Reiman, the head of the Copenhagen Police, argues that under the Constitution one may prevent a public demonstration if it risks endangering public order. In this case he thinks the protesters would have to be cordoned off so that they would not risk being harmed by the crowds expected to come to cheer the Queen. As I intend to be present at Amalienborg on Friday I will look out for any republicans being lynched by furious royalists!

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