Sunday, 4 April 2010

67 % support Norwegian monarchy

An opinion poll referred in Dagbladet yesterday shows that 67 % of those asked agree that Norway should “continue to have a royal family”. As the poll deals mostly with the popular perception of the Crown Princess there is little said about the background numbers, not even on how many of the remaining 33 % want a republic and how many who are in doubt.
The last opinion poll on this was published in VG in May last year and showed 71 % in favour of the monarchy and 17 % for the republic. The current result is down 4 %, but is still within a 2/3 majority.
A similar poll in Denmark in June last year showed 77.8 % in favour of the monarchy and 15.3 % supporting a republic; while a Swedish opinion poll in April 2009 indicated that 63 % were happy to keep the monarchy while 17 % wanted a republic instead.

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