Sunday, 11 April 2010

Annual report of the Norwegian Royal Court

A kind soul at the Royal Palace has sent me a copy of the Royal Court’s annual report for 2008, which was released on Friday and which may also be downloaded from (external link).
Among the information one may find in the annual report is a list of the public engagements undertaken by members of the royal family during the past year. From this one can see that the King undertook 159 engagements (as compared to 177 in 2008), the Crown Prince 102 (103 in 2008), the Crown Princess 67 (51 in 2008), the Queen 60 (down from 67 in 2008), Princess Märtha Louise 13 (up from 7 in 2008) and Princess Astrid 10 (as compared to 16 the previous year).
Princess Ingrid Alexandra is listed with four public engagements (although at least one has been left out of the official list), while Prince Sverre Magnus managed one engagement.
In the annual report one can also read that the Banqueting Hall at the Royal Palace has undergone restoration work this winter, but is now again ready for use, conveniently in time for President Medvedev’s state visit later this month.
And the list of decorations awarded reveal that the King in 2009 created five commanders of the Order of St Olav and eighteen knights of the first class of the same order, while no grand crosses were awarded. Four grand crosses of the Order of Merit were however given out and there were 20 commanders, 35 knights of the first class and 1 one (ordinary) knight of this second order of the Kingdom.

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