Tuesday, 29 December 2009

Greek royal engagement

Ex-King Konstantinos and ex-Queen Anne-Marie of the Hellenes yesterday announced the engagement of their second son, Prince Nikolaós, and Tatiana Blatnik. Little is known about the future Princess of Greece, except that she works for Diane von Fürstenberg. She is probably in her early thirties; her father was supposedly Slovenian while her mother is apparently German. The Prince, her boyfriend of six years, works for his father.
The engagement was announced from Greece, where the ex-royal family is holidaying. During the years they were banned from entering Greece the ex-King and ex-Queen constantly made grand statements such as “Greece is my home” and “I want to die in Greece”, but after it become possible for them to settle there, they have been in no haste to do so and seem content to go there for shorter stays.
No date has been announced for the wedding. Prince Nikolaós’s elder siblings both married in London, but it is now possible that his wedding may be held in Greece.

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