Thursday, 3 December 2009

At the road’s end: Princess Grete Sturdza (1915-2009)

Several years ago I read an old newspaper article (I believe it was from the summer of 1937) about a young Norwegian woman, Grete Kvaal, marrying a Romanian prince in Oslo. In Aftenposten today her sister Vera Blom announces the passing of Princess Grete Sturdza in Varangeville on 29 November, aged 94.


  1. hei, Trond
    kunne du maile meg? leelah11 alfrakrøll gmail dot com

    jeg har et spørsmål om Grete og et annet medlem av Sturdzaene: George. Veldig glad hvis du kontakter meg.


  2. Yes, Trond, I think the wedding took place in April 1937, cf. the sources I have (see my postings at Nobiliana, ATR and ERMB). Should be easy to look up more details in the media at the time.


  3. Dag, you may be right about April. I recall seeing an article about the wedding in a newspaper when looking for something else. I thought it might have been Prince Carl Bernadotte's wedding in July, but it could also have been the King's christening, in which case April makes sense as he was baptised on 31 March 1937.

  4. Thank you for the mentioning of Grandmothers passing away.

    In deep sadnes,

    Stefan Dimitrie Sturdza

  5. The loss of the most caring, loving person that can be imagined !

    Our grandmother, mother, sister, aunt, friend and guide.

    An example of dignity contenance to be followed, the guiding light and the greatest pillar of our family who's head she was

    A defendant and teacher of values and protector of justice and an advocate of the less fortuned

    A tremendous creator. An active participant in the present and of the future and still a severe guardian of the past

    One of the very few left of a generation - of an elite of a country, a nation and of a family

    We miss you ! You leave an enormous void

    By us following your example and what you taught us, you will live on for ever !

    I owe you so infinitely much !

    and this is a ("Google-Translate") Translation:

  6. My condolences to you and your family on the passing of your grandmother and thank you for posting the link to the newspaper obituary.

  7. Princess Sturdza created a huge garden out of "next to nothing and she reigned over that beautiful place for more than half a century. her self-acquired knowledge of plants was phenomenal and taking part in a conducted tour of her garden was an unforgettable experience. Few people knew she originally came from Norway.


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