Saturday, 5 December 2009

At the road’s end: Lizanne Kelly LeVine (1933-2009), sister of Princess Grace

This piece of news from last week had passed me by: Elizabeth Anne “Lizanne” Kelly LeVine, the last surviving sibling of Princess Grace of Monaco, died from cancer at the retirement home Quadrangle in Haverford on Tuesday 24 November, aged 76.
She was born on 25 June 1933, as the youngest of the four children of John B. and Margaret Kelly, and held a bachelor’s degree from the University of Philadelphia. She was married to Donald C. LeVine, who died in 2000, a year after their daughter Grace had died from cancer at 43. She is survived by her son Chris.
Her funeral was held at St. Bridget’s Church last Friday and was attended by her nephew, Sovereign Prince Albert II of Monaco.

Philadelphia Daily News has an obituary:

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  1. Mi dispiace moltissimo per la morte della signora Kelly LeVIne. Ero una affezionata ammiratrice di sua sorella Grace ed avevo imparato a conoscere anche lei attraverso le biografie ufficiali e non. Non sapevo che le fosse morta la figlia. Dall'Italia un saluto a Lizanne


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