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Tatiana Blatnik’s background

At the time of the engagement of Prince Nikolaós of Greece and Tatiana Blatnik, there was a lot of comment on the fact that little information had been given on the future Princess’s background. In an interview with Hello! (No 1110, 15 February), the bride-to-be herself gives some information.
She was born in Venezuela 29 years ago, to a Slovenian father and a German mother, and is the granddaughter of Ellinka Countess von Einsiedel. She moved to Switzerland when she was three years old and was educated partly there and partly in the USA. She holds a degree in sociology from Georgetown University in Washington and returned to Switzerland to study public relations.
Since 2006 she works for the PR office of fashion designer Diane von Fürstenberg. Her father, who died when Tatiana was six years old, had known the designer since she was a young girl, but Tatiana only met her at the opening of her boutique in London in 2006 and subsequently wrote to her asking for a job. “I do a little bit of everything: organising events, talking to the press, travelling around the globe with Diane”, Blatnik says.
Asked if she and Prince Nikolaós, who will marry in Greece in the summer, are considering settling permanently in that country, she replies: “We both live in London for the time being, because our jobs are there, but it’s a possibility that we wouldn’t rule out at all”.


  1. was her father's name Ladislav Vladimir Blatnik?
    and how old the father was when Tatiana was born? fifty? sixty?

    had the father come from Slovenia, or was it an earlier generation Blatnik already which came from Slovenia?

    is Tatiana's birthday 28 August 1980 or 27 August 1980 ?

    is Tatiana's mother (Blanca) really born in 1954, or is Blanca's birthyear earlier, such as in the 1940s?

    is Tatiana's maternal grandmother, Elinka Ordway, healthy enough to take part in Tatiana's wedding?
    in other words, will she be at the wedding?

  2. I have no idea. What is mentioned in my blogpost is all the information she gave about her background in the interview I refer to. (Please note that I would prefer if people signed their comments in some way).

  3. tatiana is 10 years younger than prince nikolaos. they are too different from each other. i have been writing nikolaos on his family website for a long time,i love him and wanted to marry him. nikolaos has a degree in international relations. i study geography, the study of different countries. nikolaus and i care about the world and work toward world peace and help foreign people. we both do alot of feeding the poor and needy. and helping the world become a better place for us all to live.

  4. Death of a parent is difficult and you may never speak of it.

    Ladislav/Lotti Blatnik was a business man born in Slovenia who owned factiroes in Venzuala and Brasil and had business associate sin Columbia in coffe/mining or some business?

    He drove fast cars and liked glamourous women and wanted his children to be new aritocrats of Europe. He had a wife from a rich Italian family in Caracua, this maybe help his business. Blanca was his mistress from aristocratic pedigree this is good in Venzuala he know she related to counts and dukes. He kept 2 homes like many wealthy men like Eva Peron's father. In Christams 2008 a man called Blatnik was shot in Columbia but he too young to be Tatianna papa maybe uncle/cousin. Blatnik not a latin name.

    Not like maxima her family have many different skeletons maybe but I believe she tell the prince and family everyting before they get engaged last september so no suprises in futures. Very complicated and not any her fault herself just not pretty picture and more always to come after times pass and people not friends any more.

    He dies dissapears in 1985/6 and his children go to school in Switzerland. Blanca married another man from Venzuala rich family who live in America. Blanca and mother or aunt marry good fortune. Taianna marry a man like her father and have title like he hoped.

  5. I wish Tatiana, if uncertain pedigree, now married to third class aristicracy (after all the incompetent deposed father in law was not a Habsburg neither a Bourbon) good luck & keep her purse close to her chest....

    Eugene-Alexander Vinogradov-Siras

  6. Tatiana's maternal grandmother lost her "countess" status when she moved on and married 2 other husbands,Blatnik and Rupprecht. The final being ORDWAY. Today she is Elinka ORDWAY and well into her 80"s.She has gone by the Name ORDWAY since 1979.
    Tatiana has an Uncle who was killed in venezulea in 2009 or maybe a possible suicide- the case has not been solved.

  7. Ladislov commit suicide in Gstaad switzerland in 1986 leaving 4 children including Tatiana
    Blanca (her mother) was quick to marry another Venezulean financier and moved in to Long Island USA.
    Her mother Elinka was peniless when she married in 1979 in Dominican Republic to Ordway who was 3M heir. They lived in Marbella.
    She inherited Ordways entire estate in 2001 and severed her Palm Beach USA connection and moved to Marbella.

  8. Thank you for adding this, but please respect the rule that comments should be signed.

  9. hello,
    I know some of the blatniks. someone said here in this forum, that tatianas uncle in venezuela was killed or suicide.. she only had one uncle that lived in venezuela, ladis brother, and he was called Alexander William Blatnik, called: Sascha. he was a very, very good friend of my family, so I know that he died a normal death since mayby 3 years ago. we still stay in touch with the whole family of ladis brother. my parents knew ladi blatnik, I never got the chance to meet him :-( but I got the chance to know one of his children, igor. he's a friend of mine since we were children :-)
    so I know a big part of tatianas family :-)

  10. so let's try again to post here: I really don't know wich person is ment in the following sentence. In Christams 2008 a man called Blatnik was shot in Columbia but he too young to be Tatianna papa maybe uncle/cousin. Blatnik not a latin name.. I really know a big part of the blatnik family and there's no one called blatnik that died in 2008, no cousin, uncle of tatiana. the only uncle she had, paternal, died before 3 years of natural causes

  11. Alexander son of Elenka was addopted by Ordway
    News story from Venzeuela said Alexander "Ordway was shot possibly by his wife 2008
    John D

  12. Hi there! I would appreciate any information that would help me to find Blatnik relatives in Slovenia. Regards, borut

  13. I am sorry, but I do not know anything about Slovenian genealogical research.

  14. I was a old friend of LAdislao in Venezuela for many yers. He married a one of my school friends from Geneva. Ladislao had an important shoe factory Williams Shoes and at the time one of the few who had a private plane. He was a very popular figure in Veneuzelan society. His advertisements for his shoes always very original and it always fun to be with him. His tragic end a big shock to many of his friends.
    Many thought that Manolo Blahnik was a family member but no information if this is true or not. One thing is for sure, his daughter Tatiana is very pretty lady and I wish her all the luck and happinessin the world.
    Tom Zaidman

  15. I was a close friend of Ladislao specially when he was married to a very good friend of mine who went to school with me in Geneva. He had an important shoe factory that made Hush Puppies in Venezuela and also Williamas Shoes. His advertisements always very original in the local papers. He was a popular figure in Venezuelan society at the time, and one of the few who had a private plane. We went often to Los Roques and always a fun person to be with. His sudden passing away shocked and surprised many of his friends. As an old friend, can only wish his daughter Tatiana and Igor all the best and much happiness in the future. Often ask myself if Manolo Blahnik could be part of his
    Tom Zaidman

  16. Ladi was one of my best friends. He was intelligent, sensitive, friendly and I beloved him and his family: Blanca, Boris, Tatiana. Unfortunately I have not had many opportunities to meet Igor and Anouchka, even if they were enough to appreciate their style. In the eighties I made some architectural designs for Ladi in Gstaad, Graz and Caracas, and for that we spent a lot of time traveling and dreaming together. I have lived with him a great time of my life.
    Bepi Olivieri


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