Saturday, 13 March 2010

Royal name day celebrations in Stockholm

Yesterday was the name day of Crown Princess Victoria and as I was in Stockholm I went down to the Royal Palace to watch the celebrations. As she always spends her birthday on Öland and name days are almost as big a thing as birthdays in Sweden, there is usually a ceremony in the Inner Courtyard in connection with the changing of the guard.
The old and the new guard stood on parade and the army band played some music in the Crown Princess’s honour. After taking the salute, she received flowers from the band and the two regiments. This year she was accompanied by her fiancé Daniel Westling and her mother Queen Silvia and the crowds had grown quite much since last time I witnessed the celebration (in 2007).
The military salute over, there was a brief family discussion before the Queen stepped back and Crown Princess Victoria took her fiancé with her to meet the crowds in order to accept flowers and other greetings.


  1. for how long has this been a tradition

  2. I am afraid I do not remember which year it began, but I believe it was only after the Crown Princess reached her majority. The King's birthday in April is celebrated in a very similar way at the Outer Courtyard, but as the Crown Princess is alway at Öland on her birthday in July, one came up with this nameday celebration to allow Stockholmers the chance to congratulate the heiress.


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