Monday, 25 April 2011

Facts and figures from the royal annual report

A while ago the Royal Court kindly sent me their annual report for 2010. As usual the report includes a list of public engagements carried out by the members of the royal family during the year, from which one can deduct that the King was as usual the busiest member of the royal family, managing 169 engagements, as compared to 159 in 2009. The Queen carried out 69 engagements, which is up from 60 the previous year.
Despite being away on a lengthy foreign holiday in the autumn the Crown Prince managed 122 engagements (102 in 2009) and the Crown Princess 74 (up from 67 in 2009). Princess Ingrid Alexandra attended eight engagements (twice as many as the previous year), Prince Sverre Magnus four (up from one in 2009) and Marius Borg Høiby is listed as having been present for one engagement, although he did in fact also attend another one which has not been included in the list. Princess Märtha Louise carried out seven engagements, just above half of the thirteen she undertook in 2009, while Ari Behn was present for four of them. Princess Astrid had seven public engagements, down from ten in 2009. It should be noted that for instance state visits, foreign tours and attendance at the Olympic Games count as only one engagement each, regardless of how many separate events it was made up of.
During the summer opening (20 June-14 August) 27,165 people visited the Royal Palace, whereas 19,359 visited Oscarshall Palace while it was open between 1 May and 26 September. To this could perhaps be added the 27,247 who saw the National Museum’s exhibition “The Palace and Linstow: The Cornerstone of the New Capital”, which was curated by Nina Høye, who is in charge of the guided tours of the Royal Palace.
In 2010 the King awarded one Grand Cross of the Order of St Olav, created one Commander with Star and three Commanders, 23 Knights of the First Class (24 are listed, but one of them is listed twice) and one Knight. The King gave out ten Grand Crosses of the Order of Merit and created six Commanders with Star, nineteen Commanders, thirty Knights of the First Class and two Knights.

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