Tuesday, 19 April 2011

Coat of arms granted to the Middleton family

In preparation for the royal wedding next Friday it has been announced (external link) that Kate Middleton and her family have been granted a coat of arms.
More precisely it is her father Michael Middleton who has been granted the coat of arms, but the picture shows Kate Middleton’s arms, which is is her father’s arms suspended from a ribbon to indicate her status as an unmarried daughter.
However, the blue ribbon will disappear once she is married, when her new coat of arms will be placed next to that of Prince William in what is called an impaled Coat of Arms, something which will be decided by a royal warrant from Queen Elizabeth II.

1 comment:

  1. The Middletons have been granted very nice arms, but I bemoan the
    absence of any charges lozengy in reference to their business, Party
    Pieces! That would have been much more appropriate than chevrons
    argent for skiing!

    When I see the arms I immediately thought of the Baltic noble family
    (Von) Ekesparre (Oak Chevron in Swedish). Perhaps the Middletons
    should gentrify their surname to Chevronauxglandes de Middleton or
    something like that!


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