Wednesday, 13 April 2011

Book news: Queen Mother’s niece and lady-in-waiting to publish memoirs

The Daily Telegraph today has an interview (external link) with Margaret Rhodes, a niece and lady-in-waiting of the late Queen Elizabeth the Queen Mother of Britain, who talks about her upcoming memoirs. Titled The Final Curtsey, the book will be published by Calder Walker Associates on 30 October.
The Hon Mrs Rhodes is the daughter of the 16th Lord Elphinstone and Mary Bowes-Lyon, the elder sister of the Queen Mother. She was a bridesmaid to her first cousin, the then Princess Elizabeth, in 1947 and will in two weeks attend for the third time the wedding of an heir to the throne. For several years Mrs Rhodes served as a lady-in-waiting to her aunt and was at the Queen Mother’s bedside when she died in 2002.

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