Friday, 19 February 2010

Art trouble at Amalienborg

The renovation of Frederik VIII’s Mansion at Amalienborg, the official residence of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary, is now very nearly completed. However, Politiken yesterday reported that trouble has arisen over the contemporary art which will decorate the mansion.
The ten works of art (paintings, drawings, sculptures and installations), costing 22 million DKK, are a wedding present to the couple from Realdania, which, in its own words, is “a strategic foundation created with the objective of initiating and supporting projects that improve the built environment”.
One artist, John Kørner, showed his painting to the court, only to be asked if he would care to finish it. When he said it was finished, the reply was a question if he were willing to work more on it. Instead he is now doing another picture which he hopes will be approved. Another of the ten artists, Jeppe Hein, who was to shape the garden, has already pulled out of the project.
Frederik VIII’s Mansion will, as earlier mentioned, be open to the public from 27 February to 30 May, with the press view taking place on Monday.
Politiken’s article:

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