Friday, 7 August 2009

Frederik VIII’s Mansion to open its doors

In Copenhagen the renovation of Frederik VIII’s Mansion at Amalienborg is now drawing to a close and it will soon open its door to the public for a shorter period. The house will be the official residence of Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary – they will live on the top floor, while the ground floor and first floor will be used for official functions and entertaining. These floors will be open to the public from 27 February to 30 May 2010, before the royals move in. For more information:

The newspaper BT recently had a graphic presentation of the layout of the mansion:

The renovation of the mansion was originally expected to cost 126.3 million DKK, but it seems the final bill will be 220 million DKK. As this is funded by taxpayers’ money it seems only natural that they will be allowed in to see what the money has been spent on.
Frederik VIII’s Mansion was the last of the four Amalienborg mansions to become a royal residence. It was furnished in the Empire style by the architect Jørgen Hansen Koch when Frederik VI’s daughter, Princess Vilhelmine Marie, married the future King Frederik VII in 1828. The marriage ended in divorce and the first reigning couple to live there were King Frederik VIII and Queen Louise, followed by King Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid.
Sadly Hansen’s interiors were treated quite badly when King Frederik IX and Queen Ingrid made their home there and much time and money has now been spent on restoring them.
The photos show Frederik VIII’s Mansion in July 2008 and February 2009.

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