Tuesday, 11 August 2009

Jonas Bergström to become duke

Princess Madeleine and her fiancé Jonas Bergström have just met the press at Solliden Palace at Öland. Before the press meeting the Marshal of the Realm, Ingemar Eliasson, informed that Jonas Bergström upon marrying will become Duke of Helsingia and Gestricia, which is Princess Madeleine’s duchy. Unlike Daniel Westling, Crown Princess Victoria’s fiancé, he will however not become a Prince of Sweden.
The wedding will take place in late 2010 or early 2011. At the press meeting the Princess said that they had first met when she was 17, but that it was only seven years ago they became a couple.
They also said that the proposal took place on 12 June at Capri, which was also the reason why engagement was announced at Solliden. The latter was built as a summer palace by Princess Madeleine’s great-great-grandmother, Queen Victoria, who because of her poor health did not enjoy the climate of Stockholm. Queen Victoria also spent much time at Capri to escape the northern climate and Solliden was built as an Italianate villa. While studying art history, Princess Madeleine wrote a university paper about Queen Victoria and Solliden. The couple had gone to Capri because the Princess wanted to see Axel Munthe’s villa, San Michele, which was an inspiration for the summer palace at Öland.
Tonight there will be an engagement dinner for the two families.

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