Tuesday, 16 February 2010

At the road’s end: Rigmor Mydtskov (1925-2010), former royal photographer

Politiken today reports the death of Rigmor Mydtskov, one of Denmark’s most prominent photographers and perhaps best known for her portraits of Queen Margrethe and other members of the royal family. She was 84 and had been ill for some time.
Her father, Hans Julius Mydtskov, was a theatre photographer and Rigmor Mydtskov herself made her debut as a photographer at the Royal Theatre in 1954, taking over her father’s position shortly before his death in 1973.
She was officially Photographer to Her Majesty the Queen from 1988 to 2003, thereby taking many well-known official portraits of the head of state. But she had worked with the royal family long before that and among her best works are, in my opinion, a series of full-dress photos of King Frederik IX, Queen Ingrid and their daughters which she made at Fredensborg Palace in 1963.
Politiken’s obituary: http://politiken.dk/kultur/article902473.ece

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  1. RIP Rigmor!...She was my grandmothers cousin...(Her mother, Edit, whos brother Martin, was my mothers-mothers father).


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