Friday, 7 June 2013

Princess Madeleine will wear Valentino for her wedding

The Swedish royal court has confirmed that Princess Madeleine’s wedding dress is created by Valentino. This comes as no surprise, as the bride is known to be a Valentino fan and as the designer and his partner are on the guest list for the wedding, which has not yet been officially released, but was published by the newspaper Aftonbladet on Tuesday.
Yesterday the Princess and her fiancé attended the celebrations of Sweden’s national day with the other members of the royal family, and tonight King Carl Gustaf and Queen Silvia will host a dinner at Grand Hôtel in Stockholm.


  1. Trond, the list has now been officially released .. a few changes, including the loss of Princess Bianca of Savoy and her husband

    1. Yes, I saw they released it just after I had written that it had not yet been released, but then I did not have time to write about it. A new addition is Herbert Hoover - perhaps a descendant of the former American president?


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