Thursday, 6 June 2013

Prince Philip of Britain in hospital again

The Duke of Edinburgh, Prince Philip of Britain, has been admitted to the London Clinic to undergo what Buckingham Palace describes as “an exploratory operation following abdominal investigations” tomorrow and is expected to remain in the hospital for up to two weeks. The Prince, who will be 92 on Monday, is generally considered very healthy for his ripe old age, but has had a series of health setbacks recently.
He had to undergo heart surgery during Christmas 2011, missed part of the diamond jubilee celebrations in June 2012 because of a bladder infection and was again admitted to hospital with a bladder infection two months later.
The Duke missed an official engagement on Monday due to health issues, but was able to attend the service of thanksgivings celebrating the sixtieth anniversary of the coronation of his wife, Queen Elizabeth II, the following day. He also attended a garden party at Buckingham Palace earlier today before being taken to the hospital.

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