Thursday, 24 January 2013

My latest article: The fabulous Princess Ingeborg

In the February issue (Vol. 34, No. 2) of the British monthly magazine Majesty, which goes on sale today, I write about one of my favourite royals, Princess Ingeborg of Sweden (1878-1958). Princess Ingeborg is perhaps best known today as the mother of Crown Princess Märtha of Norway and Queen Astrid of the Belgians and the sister of King Christian X of Denmark and King Haakon VII of Norway, but was herself one of the strongest and most unusual characters in recent royal history.
She was, in the words of the historian and courtier Carl-Fredrik Palmstierna, something of a “dissident princess”. She never hesitated to speak her mind and stood out at the politically conservative Swedish court by holding rather radical political opinions. A staunch anti-Nazi, she went to great lengths to help the resistance movement during World War II. Princess Ingeborg was dearly beloved by her family and despite suffering the loss of two of her children, she was the one who sustained the rest of the family when tragedies struck.
For the benefit of art-lovers I may add that the article includes the great Swedish modernist Nils Dardel’s portrait of Princess Ingeborg. As far as I know this is the first time this painting appears in print.


  1. Sounds really interesting. Personally I enjoy more and more reading about royals from the past. They fascinate me, as does history. Where can I buy the issue? Is it available anywhere online?

    1. Majesty is sold at newsstands all over Britain and in several larger European cities (Paris, Brussels, Stockholm et al). Concact details for subscriptions or purchase of back issues may be found at their website:

  2. The Source,

    you can buy this magazine at
    Click over "Buy current issue only" and then register and prepare your credit card.
    I´ve done businness with them for a few years now and they are very reliable and their posting is unexpensive.
    But hurry up though as there are only 3 copies left,


  3. I have seen Majesty magazine in US bookstores, so I will certainly be looking for a copy!

    Your mention of her "radical" politics causes a question to occur to me: Has there ever been a royal personage - or even a relative or descendant of royalty - who is or was known to be a republican?

    1. Well, there are certainly relatives or descendants of royalty who are republicans. For instance, Prince Georg Friedrich of Prussia, despite being the head of the former royal family, supports the republican political system of Germany. Victoria, Marchioness of Milford Haven (née Princess of Hesse, granddaughter of Queen Victoria of Britain, mother of Queen Louise of Sweden and grandmother of Prince Philip of Britain) expressed views which might be considered republican. If one is a member of a reigning royal house, on the other hand, one would probably be careful not to voice any republican views one might hold. (There is a story that Queen Maria José of Italy voted for a republic in the 1946 referendum; but apparently the truth is that she cast a blank vote).

  4. It was a well written article, and i learned much about a slightly lesser known royal. I have recently discovered your blog and am enjoying it immensly


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