Wednesday, 2 January 2013

Majority in favour of King Carl Gustaf’s abdication

An opinion poll by SIFO, published in Aftonbladet (external link) today, shows that a clear majority is in favour of King Carl Gustaf of Sweden’s abdication in favour of Crown Princess Victoria. Of the 1,000 people interviewed between 10 and 13 December altogether 60 % think that the King should abdicate. More precisely, 17 % think that he should abdicate as soon as possible, while 20 % think he should do so within five years and 23 % within ten years. Only 32 % think he should remain on the throne until his death, while 9 % are uncertain.
The poll also shows that 70 % want to retain the monarchy, while 23 % want to abolish it and 7 % do not know. 17 % have less confidence in the King than a year ago, while 2 % say that their confidence in him has increased, 79 % find it unchanged and 2 % do not know.


  1. I wonder how many of the 60% who want the King to abdicate were also among the 30% who want the monarchy to be abolished?

    Trond, why do you think so many wish the King to abdicate when there is not a modern tradition of abdication in any Scandinavian country? Queen Christina must be the most notable Swedish monarch to abdicate, and she was not very recent.

    1. Concerning your first question no background material has been provided to answer that, so we can only speculate. Personally I imagine the republicans would think it would serve their case better if a weakened king stays on the throne rather than leaving it to his more popular, more charismatic and perhaps more competent daughter.

      The wish for King Carl Gustaf's abdication has probably a lot to do with the huge popularity of Crown Princess Victoria, and the fact that it seems to be a general idea that she might be a more capable head of state than her father. It also obviously has much to do with that confidence in King Carl Gustaf has been severely undermined since 2010 by the many scandalous allegations about his private conduct, some of which has turned out to be untrue, some of which seems to be true, but was also not very well handled by the Palace. Obviously this has done much damage to the King's reputation and his standing.

      The most recent Swedish monarch to abdicate was Gustaf IV Adolf on 29 March 1809, following the coup against him earlier that month. The most recent Swedish monarch to abdicate voluntarily was Ulrika Eleonora the Younger in 1720 (she wanted her husband to be co-monarch, like William III and Mary II in the British Isles, but when this was refused she abdicated in his favour and herself became queen consort and heir apparent).


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