Tuesday, 17 April 2012

New Swedish royal magazine to be launched tomorrow

I know many of my readers were saddened when the Swedish royal magazine Queen ceased publication two years ago. Hopefully they will be equally pleased to hear that a successor, titled Kungliga magasinet (i.e. “The Royal Magazine”), will be launched tomorrow.
Its founder is Roger Lundgren, who was also the founder and first editor-in-chief of Queen. The owner, Bonnier tidskrifter, later replaced him with Pamela Andersson, under whose editorship Queen gradually moved away from the subject of royalty until the last step was also taken and Queen was turned into the general gossip magazine that is S.
Kungliga magasinet, which is independently owned, will focus on Swedish and European royalty, palaces, jewels, orders, history and style, and will be published eight times a year.
Among the contents of the first issue are interviews with Queen Silvia and Count Carl Johan Bernadotte.


  1. Hei!! Dette var hyggelig å høre! Jeg likte også veldig godt "Queen". Vet du imidlertid om dette nye magasinet vil til salgs hos Narvesen slik som "Queen"?

    Med vennlig hilsen

    1. I og med at det står trykket en norsk pris utenpå bladet (79 NOK) tror jeg vi kan gå ut fra at det blir å få kjøpt også her til lands - og det er jo bra!

  2. Ja, det vil nok bli det her og, ja! Takk for svar!



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