Thursday, 26 April 2012

Engagement of Hereditary Grand Duke of Luxembourg

The grand ducal court of Luxembourg has announced the engagement of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume to Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy. Apparently the official engagement will take place at Berg Castle tomorrow, and according to Prime Minister Jean-Claude Juncker the wedding will take place already this year.
Countess Stéphanie de Lannoy, who is a citizen of Belgium, is the youngest of eight children of Count Philippe de Lannoy (born 1922) and Alix della Faille de Leverghem (born 1941). She was born in Ronse on 18 February 1984. Her paternal grandmother was Princess Béatrice of Ligne, whose nephew Antoine married Princess Alix of Luxembourg, who is a great-aunt of Hereditary Grand Duke Guillaume.
The Countess, who lives in Brussels, was educated at schools in Belgium and France and at universities in Louvain and Berlin.


  1. It was Princess Alix of Luxembourg, widow of the Prince of Ligne, who introduced the Crown Prince to Mmlle. de Lannoy at a party in the castle of Boeleil.
    A sad note: this wedding is not universaly popular in Luxembourg as the bride, like her future mother-in-law, cannot speak Luxemburger.
    Alerto Penna Rodrigues

    1. Well, I suppose there would not be that many girls to chose between if it had to be someone who already spoke Luxembourgian...

  2. Reinout Goddyn wrote the following, I will try and translate all he wrote (wih a help of Google!):
    Vu ses études primaires en Néerlandais, ses secondaires en Français, ses cours de langue et littérature russes, sa licence en philologie Germanique que terminé avec grande distinction a l' université de Louvain (Flandres), et finalement son étude en allemand, à Berlin... l' apprentissage du Letzebuergeois ne posera aucun problème pour cette intelligente future grand Duchesse. ;-)

    Taking in account her primary education in Dutch, French in the secondary school, she learnt also Russian language and literature, a degree in Germanic philology that she finished with honors al University of Leuven (Flanders), and finally her study of German in Berlin .. . learning Letzebuergeois is no problem for this great future intelligent Duchess. ;-)
    Alberto Penna Rodrigues


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