Friday, 10 June 2011

Prince Carl Philip moves in with Sofia Hellqvist

According to the magazine Svensk Damtidning, Bertil Ternert, head of the Swedish royal court’s Information and Press Department, has confirmed to them that Prince Carl Philip has moved to an apartment in a house at Djurgården and that his girlfriend, the former bikini/nude model and reality show contestant Sofia Hellqvist, will be living with him.
The Prince has until now been living in an apartment at Slottsbacken 2, just opposite the Royal Palace in Stockholm. He will one day inherit Villa Solbacken, also at Djurgården, which was left him by his great-uncle Prince Bertil, but remains the home of Princess Lilian, soon to be 96. Most likely Prince Carl Philip will in the future also be given the use of Stenhammar Palace in Flen.

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