Monday, 6 June 2011

On this date: Sweden’s National Day

Today is the National Day of Sweden and the royal family – including Princess Madeleine, just back from the USA – will as usual take part in the celebrations in Stockholm and elsewhere.
6 June was the date in 1523 when Gustaf Eriksson (Vasa) was elected King of Sweden following the secession from the pan-Nordic Kalmar Union and also the date in 1809 when Prince Carl, Duke of Sudermania was offered the Crown. The Constitution of 1809 was consequently dated 6 June although it was only on 27 June that the Constitution was accepted by the Fourth Estate.
In the twentieth century 6 June came to be celebrated as the Day of the Swedish Flag and it was officially proclaimed the National Day in 1983. Since 2006 it is also a public holiday.

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