Friday, 11 March 2011

Swedish crown princessly couple to attend British wedding

The Swedish Royal Court has now updated its online calendar to show that Crown Princess Victoria and Prince Daniel will attend the wedding of Prince William of Britain and Kate Middleton in London on 29 April.
The attendance of the King and Queen of Norway was confirmed earlier this week, while other reigning royal families have yet to make known who will represent them.
That the Swedish royal family will be represented on a lower level than the Norwegian may be explained both by the fact that King Carl XVI Gustaf celebrates his 65th birthday the following day and as usual will receive the tributes of well-wishers at the Outer Courtyard, and by the fact that the King and Queen of Norway are personal friends both of Queen Elizabeth II and Prince Philip and of the Prince of Wales and Duchess of Cornwall, while relations between the Windsors and the Bernadottes are distant, something which was also quite obvious from the fact that Britain was the only country not represented by a single royal at the 60th birthday celebrations of the King of Sweden five years ago.

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