Monday, 28 March 2011

Edward Bernadotte to wed in May

The latest issue of Svensk Damtidning reports that Count Edward Bernadotte af Wisborg is set to marry his Italian fiancée of two years, Nathalie Frediani, at Villa Rusconi-Clerici in Verbania by the Lake Maggiore, Italy, on 29 May.
The great-great-grandson of King Oscar II of Sweden and Norway, Count Edward Gustaf Bernadotte af Wisborg is born on 18 April 1984. He is the youngest son of Count Bertil Bernadotte and his second wife, the artist Jill Bernadotte, née Rhodes-Maddox. His father is the youngest son of the famous Count Folke Bernadotte af Wisborg, who was himself the youngest son of Oscar II’s second son, Prince Oscar Bernadotte, who in 1888 forfeited his rights to the Swedish and Norwegian thrones when he married his sister-in-law’s former lady-in-waiting, Ebba Munck af Fulkila.


  1. Vet du någonting mer om bruden och hennes familj? Det verkar som om hon har en internationell utbildning från Italien och sedan en utbildning i media och reklam från Storbritannien.

    Edward har ju också en kusin som är gift i Italien, Maria Ganfini née Bernadotte.


  2. Nej, tyvärr vet jag inget mer om bruden än det som har skrivits i media.


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