Saturday, 2 October 2010

State Opening of Parliament today

Today the State Opening of Parliament took place in Oslo with the usual pomp and pageantry. Parliament does not normally sit on Saturdays, but the Constitution says that the State Opening shall take place on the second weekday of October, which this year happened to be a Saturday.
The King, Queen and Crown Prince as usually attended the State Opening - before 1905 other members of the royal family also attended, but since then it has been a tradition that only the King, Queen and Crown Prince are present.
Photos from the State Opening can be found at the Parliament’s Flickr account (external link), where it is interesting to note that the King is consequently referred to as “H. M. King Olav V”, despite the fact that said king has of course been dead for very nearly twenty years.
The Speech from the Throne, which sets out the government’s agenda for the coming year, can be read in full at the government’s website (external link).

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