Friday, 16 May 2014

Strong support for Norwegian monarchy

Amid the celebrations of the independence bicentenary two new opinion polls about monarchy or republic have been published today. Both show strong support for the monarchy, but the results differ strongly.
The poll conducted by Norstat for the state broadcaster NRK (external link) shows an overwhelming 82 % in support of the monarchy, which is the highest level measured in the present reign (if I recall, a poll showed 87 % around the time of King Olav's death in 1991). NRK does not say how the remaining 18 % divide between those who support a republic and those who are uncertain.
The poll carried out by Infact and published in the tabloid newspaper VG (external link) shows that 65.4 % say no to the suggestion that the royal house (sic) should be abolished. 19 % agree that it should, while 15.6 % are uncertain. When the same agency two years ago asked if Norway should remain a monarchy, 74.6 % agreed, while 14.8 % disagreed and 10.5 % were uncertain. This shows a decline in the support for the monarchy of nearly 10 %, but the fact that the question has been turned around since two years ago ought perhaps to be taken into consideration.

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