Thursday, 19 December 2013

My latest article: Queen Louise of Sweden

Queen Silvia of Sweden, who will celebrate her seventieth birthday on Monday, has by now been Queen of Sweden for nearly forty years, but her predecessor remains fairly unknown to many. This was her husband’s step-grandmother, Queen Louise (1889-1965), an unassuming, yet very regal lady who was the first really visible Queen of Sweden for nearly a century and proved to be an ideal Queen for the democratic Sweden of the 1950s and 1960s. Despite this and her popularity in her lifetime, Queen Louise is sadly not very well remembered today. In the January 2014 issue of Majesty (Vol. 35, No. 1), which goes on sale in Britain today and soon in other major European cities (and some North American, I believe), I tell her story.


  1. I think it is however a different matter to be remembered with no well.... and to be not very well remembered.... and to be not remembered for well. Louise is not remembered for unwell things, which is a relief :)


    1. I disagree with your interpretation. That she is "not well remembered" does not mean that she is remembered in a bad way, but that she is partly (but not wholly) forgotten.


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