Monday, 5 August 2013

Majority of Danes want Queen Margrethe to abdicate

With four monarchs stepping down (so far), this has been a year of abdications and an opinion poll conducted by YouGov and published in Søndagsavisen yesterday shows that 51 % of the Danes think that Queen Margrethe should also renounce the crown. Only 30 % think that the Queen should remain on the throne until she dies.
However, it is extremely unlikely that the majority will have their way in this question, as Queen Margrethe has repeatedly made it clear that abdication is out of the question for her. For instance, she stated in the 2009 book Dronningens teater: “Maybe some people think that I may just choose to leave my position as Queen, but it is not that simple. And particularly not seen in relation to how I became Queen after the Constitution and the Act of Succession had been changed so that it was I who should succeed my father. If I then chose to step aside it would really be deserting my place. It would really be a great betrayal”.
The same opinion poll shows that 77 % think Crown Prince Frederik is ready to become king, while 11 % disagree.

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