Saturday, 18 May 2013

Prince Nikolai of Denmark confirmed

This morning the confirmation of Prince Nikolai of Denmark, the eldest grandchild of Queen Margrethe II, took place in Fredensborg Palace Church, where he was also christened in 1999.
The confirmation was a private event, attended only by some forty family members and godparents, among them Prince Nikolai’s parents, Prince Joachim of Denmark and Countess Alexandra of Frederiksborg; his brother Prince Felix; his half-brother Prince Henrik; his step-mother Princess Marie; his step-father Martin Jørgensen; his paternal grandparents the Queen and Prince Consort; his maternal grandmother Christa Manley; his uncle and aunt, Crown Prince Frederik and Crown Princess Mary; his cousins Prince Christian and Princess Isabella; and his maternal aunts Nicola and Martina. The only foreign royals present were the Earl and Countess of Wessex (Prince Edward of Britain and his wife Sophie), the Earl being one of Prince Nikolai’s six godparents.
The Prince was confirmed by the court chaplain, retired Bishop Erik Norman Svendsen. After the church ceremony a luncheon was given in the Domed Hall of Fredensborg Palace.
Fredensborg Palace Church, which is adjacent to Fredensborg Palace, was built by the architect Johan Cornelius Krieger in 1724-1726. The children of King Frederik IX and Queen Margrethe II have all been confirmed there.

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