Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Princess Madeleine’s wedding to be broadcast

After some initial doubt, it has now been agreed that SVT will broadcast live the wedding of Princess Madeleine of Sweden and Christopher O’Neill in the Palace Church in Stockholm at 4 p.m. on 8 June. However, it seems that the couple will hold no press conference and give no interviews on the occasion of the wedding, as they also did not when the engagement was announced.


  1. I've read that the king's attorney has stated that Chris O'Neill will not be titled unless he acquires Swedish citizenship (which the court previously announced that he would not do). While logical, that appears to be a break with tradition; I can't recall a previous instance of an European royal consort being denied a title to which she would otherwise been entitled (I use the female pronoun as husbands of princesses traditionally did not receive titles) because she was not a citizen. Is that correct?

    1. May I ask where you read that? The last thing I heard (this week) was that the information department had said that it would only be announced at the time of the wedding.

      I cannot say for sure, but I believe most female consorts have in fact acquired citizenship, so that the situation you suggest has not actually arisen.

    2. Axel Calissendorff is quoted here by Aftonbladet:

    3. Incidentally, the engagement announcement indicated that an announcement regarding Chris O'Neill's title would be released with the wedding date, so it is a bit odd that it has not.

    4. Interesting, thank you - although it is not clear what is the lawyer's basis for this interpretation. And I also note that Bertil Ternert says, in the same article, that there will be an announcement at the time of the wedding.


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