Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Crown Princess completes master degree

Dagbladet reports today (external link) that the Crown Princess has finally completed her Executive Master of Management degree at BI Norwegian Business School. Crown Princess Mette-Marit was supposed to complete her degree last year with a dissertation on humanitarian organisations, King Haakon and «servant leadership», but abandonded this project as she did not find it good enough. According to the royal spokeswoman Marianne Hagen, the Crown Princess does not wish to make public what has been the topic for the thesis she has now completed.


  1. Trond, how it is possible for the Crown Princess to request that her thesis remain secret. Is she not required to provide an electronic version to the university, and the thesis is included in a database. It is the norm here in the US now for disserations and theses to be electronically available.

    1. I am afraid I do not know how such things work at the school she attended. At the University of Oslo, where I studied, you can deny access to your thesis for a given period of time (for instance one student of art history who I know did this as the findings of her research were to be used for an exhibition and she thus did not wish others to be able to read it). However, the title and the topic will nevertheless be known. But BI is a private school, so the rules may be different there.


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