Wednesday, 20 June 2012

New heads of Swedish Royal Collections and Royal Armoury

The Swedish royal court has announced that Margareta Nisser Dalman will be the new Director of the Royal Collections with the Bernadotte Library. 54-year-old Dalman is an economist who also holds a doctorate in the history of art and has for some years been in charge of public activities at the Royal Palace in Stockholm. She will succeed Carin Bergström, who, at the age of seventy, will retire.
Today it was also announced that the Royal Armoury will have a new boss from 20 August, when Malin Grundberg will take over as head of that museum. 39-year-old Grundberg now works at the Historical Museum, but has earlier been employed by the Royal Armoury and holds a doctorate in history. Her doctoral dissertation on royal ceremonial in the age of the Vasas has also been published as a book with the title Ceremoniernas makt - Maktoverföring och genus i Vasatidens kungliga ceremonier.

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