Thursday, 22 March 2012

Statue of King Christian Frederik for 1814 jubilee

As I have earlier voiced my dissatisfaction with the decision of the Parliament’s Presidium not to erect a statue of King Christian Frederik for the bicentenary of 1814, I am naturally pleased that the Culture Minister, Anniken Huitfeldt, in today’s Aftenposten announces that there will after all be a statue of him erected for the jubilee.
No decision has yet been made about the location of the statue, but Huitfeldt says this will be decided in consultation with the Presidium and that she welcomes suggestions. Personally I would prefer the statue to be placed outside the Parliament Building.
The above portrait of the then Prince Christian Frederik of Denmark was painted in 1812, possibly by C. G. Kratzenstein-Stub, and hangs at Rosenborg Palace in Copenhagen. Two years later, on 17 May 1814, the Constituent Assembly at Eidsvoll elected Christian Frederik, who had played a crucial role in the events of that momentous year, the first King of an independent Norway in centuries. He was however forced to abdicate on 10 October that same year and later reigned as King Christian VIII of Denmark in the years 1839-1848.

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